Our Company: Leadership Team

BSW has a highly experienced management team: six seasoned Executives plus six Professional Support Staff.

Executive Management Team
Joel C. Goldblatt: Founder, President, CEO, and Chairman, is a serial entrepreneur who’s spent 25 years successfully commercializing renewable energy technologies. He founded and led media, telecom & solar companies, including LightPath Technologies and Solaria Corporation.  LightPath had a very lucrative exit through an IPO in 1996. Solaria has raised over $140 million and is manufacturing its low-concentration solar arrays in California. Joel is a pioneer in the renewable energy industry, and a passionate contributor to socially responsible enterprise. His home in Angel Fire, NM, “Heavenly Retreat” is a 5,500 square foot passive/active solar net-metered design, incorporating solar thermal and built-in PV. Joel purchased the global IP assignment for BSW’s product development from Bluenergy AG. He has been instrumental in establishing the Company in the U.S., raising its financing, and preparing for initial production of the WiseEnergy™, ThermaSun™ and UrbaVento™ product lines. Education: BS and Masters degrees from University of Texas at Austin.

Robert L. (Rob) Wheelock, III: Director, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, is an experienced investment banker, corporate officer, and executive manager.  He has led financings totaling more than $800 million in energy, real estate development, manufacturing, transportation, telecom & information technology sectors.   Rob is recognized in the energy and real estate industries for leading entrepreneurial developments, including development, new construction, renovation, financing and operation of a number of hotel properties.  He is expert in the use of data and statistics, and develops comprehensive economic models. Rob has extensive experience in Structured Finance and Project Finance. Education:  BA economics from Washington and Lee, MBA Finance, Emory University.

Diane M. Bardal: Vice President Marketing & Sales & Chief Operating Officer, serves in the role of Team Leader, plus developing product roadmaps, customer prospects and strategic partners. Ms. Bardal has over 20 years of operations, marketing and sales experience. With a background in natural resources and information technology, she has worked for IBM and Fujitsu in a variety of roles such as project manager, manufacturing/distribution sales representative, and business intelligence specialist. Her in-depth experience across multiple industries and strong customer-focus allowed her to work with executive, operational and marketing/sales teams of Fortune 500 clients. Prior to joining BSW, she was the director of marketing for a national wind developer, establishing strong brand recognition, and for a renewable energy credit (REC) remarketer, achieving regional sales dominance. Education: BS Computer Science & BS Forest Biometry - Colorado State University.

Paul Watson: Vice President, Business Development, is a professional consultant who also serves as Managing Director, Hermes Investment Group. He previously served as M&A advisor & private equity group manager with KPMG Financial Advisory Services, in Shanghai, China, and as Manager - Startup Financing with I-E Cyber in Houston, Texas. Education: BBA in Finance from University of Houston.

The executive management team has broad expertise in intellectual property development, supply chain management, technology commercialization, finance, sales, and marketing.

Our credits include several IPOs, strategic acquisitions, and managed private sales.

Professional Support Staff
Larry Mapes, Senior Solar Thermal Engineer: Subject matter expert on Solar Thermal, Small Wind, and Solar PV for installation, operations, problem identification and system optimization.

Dave Avant, IT Services Product Manager: Data Infrastructure and Application development (e.g., Telemaintenance, Reporting)

Yun Li, Product Manager for Solar Thermal, Small Wind, and Solar PV products and components (e.g., intelligent controller)

Ed Pena, Commercialization Manager

Cheryl Rattey, Senior Solar PV Engineer

Margarita Terrell, Inbound & Dealer Sales Manager