Our Company: Overview

Bluenergy Solarwind™, Inc.

Today, Bluenergy offers some of the most promising technologies in the renewable energy sector. Bluenergy has developed and continues to enhance proprietary technologies for renewable energies. Bluenergy’s main proprietary technologies (over 120 patents have been granted, more are applied for) include:
  • Hardware and Software for Solar Thermal with smart digital controls and cloud-based energy services
  • Solar modules encapsulated with fluoropolymer with an optimized dendrite surface
  • Flexible solar cells
  • Bluenergy Solarwind™ turbine
Bluenergy Solarwind™, Inc., was established in 2006 to launch, market and manufacture all BSW technologies first in the United States, then around the world.

Bluenergy Solarwind, Inc. (“BSW”) is a renewable new energy company. We design, develop, and sell on-site distributed energy systems. These systems combine our proprietary, patented, renewable solar and wind technologies, all supported by our intelligent digital control systems, with clean-tech fossil fuel alternatives. BSW’s integrated modular systems are custom-configured for end users, who realize high reliability plus low, predictable fixed costs and substantial reductions in carbon emissions. Meanwhile investors enjoy recurring revenue from a naturally scalable, sustainable business with global potential.

With their compact footprints and high aesthetic appeal, our imminent wind turbines represent a profound paradigm shift for on-site wind power generation.