The Solarwind™ Turbine: Environmental Imperative

Global Warming and Local Electricity
The reality of global warming demands that we aggressively pursue visionary, innovative methods to produce clean affordable energy while regenerating our environment’s health. Solar energy and wind power are our most accessible renewable energy power sources, but still produce less than 5% of the world’s electric power.

We are now able to combine the most powerful and abundant forces of nature, available to all of us every day. We have mounted solar cells where they could not go before, and rethought wind turbines, eliminating liabilities and optimizing their productivity by turning them on end and making them beautiful. Bluenergy Solarwind™ has created the world’s first hybrid system, which generates electricity from solar cell encapsulated wind vanes in a double-helix shape – a natural shape using nature’s forces.

The Bluenergy Solarwind™ Turbine's dramatic, organic design is an architectural and artistic statement; while its scalable size and elegant form enhance rural, residential and urban settings with a generating system that is efficient, silent, in harmony with its environment, and safe for plant, animal and human life. Depending on the local wind resource and utility rates, a small wind energy system can reduce a customer’s electricity bill significantly, or even eliminate it completely. Over its 20- to 40-year life, a small residential wind turbine can offset approximately 1.2 tons of air pollutants and 200 tons of carbon dioxide and other "greenhouse" gases.

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